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Bigg Boss 10 29th December 2016 Full Episode 75

Video watch online Day 74 Bigg Boss 10 29th December 2016 today latest new full Episode 75 of Colors Tv drama serial Bigg Boss Season 10 complete show Episodes by colors tv. watch Bigg Boss 10 Episode 75 online. watch bigg boss 10 Day 74.

Watch Bigg Boss 10 Salman Khan Episode 75 (Day 74) Online.

Video Source: Standard Video License
Telecast Date: 29th December 2016
Video Owner: Colors TV – COLORS Official Website COLORS.IN All Rights Reserved.


  1. Es Randi Bani ko bhar nikalo saali ki apne aap ko samjhti pta ni kya hai ek Gandu rodies kya jit liya Randi ne

  2. Joyti your comment is wrong…….rohan is not active for any task and deseplene you no????? Bigg boss is correct and good comment for rohan mehara

    • BB lied on national tv about what Rohan said in the room. How is that right? Whether he is active or not, he played fair agsinst that criminal bunch. The only thing he is guilty of is to be raised with morals, ethics, and common decency – something that Manu, Manveer and Om Swami all lack.

    • ye mannu aur munbir bahut chutiya hai. dono gandu hai. i hate both of them

  3. Bani, Gaurav ,Lopa and Rohan are not good players.

  4. I would like to emphasize on the fact tat Rohan was provoked to do it. Who did the mistake s less punishable than who provoked it. Plz provide little justice. Om s actually a mess. I would like to c a std and decent show plz provide with it. Thank u

  5. Big boss are you afraid of swami om

  6. Its not fair what happened to Rohan, I think its a truly a scripted show coz they are getting good coverage coz the silly gimmicks that “dhongi baba” is doing, but I guess thats just business, hosted by someone who himself had black buck case, this show was so cool when Guahar was playing, I’m done with big boss, I’m sure people equal to that baba must be giving this show the trp

  7. Rohaner jonno amar khub kharap lagche.please Salman , omanus om ke ber kore din. Ta na hole big bosser ghor aro nongra hote thakbe.

  8. Bigg boss playing double standar game! Om ji kare to right other kare to dant ke patre he .ye kahi ki insaf he ye totally unfair he ayesha lagta he ye sab om ji kar rahe he kahi na kahi bigg boss permission de raha he .jo karo hami sirf trp chahye .

  9. Hey big boss kabhi kabhi mujh ko ap ferzii lagte ho yaar kya ap ko sahi or sach nazar nahi aata ha kya .. wo bewakoof admi om ko samjhoo wo pagal ho gya ha…
    Or rohan ko ap ne nominate kar k aacha nahi kiya ha .

    Ye galat ha . Plz om ko ghr se beghar karo ush idiot ko

  10. The celebrities are jokes!
    They think they can hurt whoever they want. Om g will be the same age as Rohons dad and he comes and pushes him. Shame on Rohan and I totally agree with Biggboss decision.

  11. I think Manu and Manveer have got a high chance of winning.
    I would want a common person to win this not a celebrity they are very selfish and think they are better than everyone.

  12. This is soo unfair .Bigg boss shouldn’t have done this to Rohan as even om pushed Rohan afterwards with the same force with which Rohan had pushed om .this happens everytime that bigg boss wid some or the other reason takes om outside the house 1 day before nominations and the idiotic om gets saved every single time .all this drama of Bigg boss is making the show look soo unfair

  13. Just to keep cheap swami in the show biggboss offered him two weeks safety from nomination for “TRP” and with Rohan it was very unfair that cheap budha swami is so sick and i hate manu aswell

  14. Manveer manu aur swami Ko Bahar Karo

  15. Ye bigg boss to om ka baap lag ta hai isliye om ko kuch nahi bolt hai hum sab yaha uk mai indian bigg boss ki ninda karte hai ye colour TV band karo

  16. I think big boss decision was fair as they not taking any body side in this show as public seen the sowmi act as Rohan step himself to push swami om as he stood one side ,Rohan should not done this,if he seen that clip swami could get heart if he fell on floor.i think Rohan should play respect elder,whether swami is annoy person but Rohan act was discusting.

    • Whem swami behaves like an elder he can be treated as one. This episode proved how BB is totally biased the so called common ppl. The celebraties should file a mass lawsuit against the show for creating such a toxic environment with such trash.

  17. Mr Om is rediculous. He stooped down this show so much that I don’t want to watch anymore due to his ( Om’s) unacceptable behavior. What ever Rohan did to him was wrong but big Boss was unfair making the decision of nominating Rohan entire season. To be fair Big boss did not take action to Mr. Om because he was not following any rules. Are rules imply to certain contestant only?? I will start watching this show once Mr. Om is out of this show.

  18. Big boss is doing unjustice. Bastard big boss

  19. We’d been thinking that the Big Boss is very fair , but the decision made regarding Rohan was totally wrong . I’m a pro Manu n Manveer but worse actions have been taken by These two several times but we’re never questioned .
    I feel this show is now no more for celebs . If half commoners have made this big great show so cheap then I can’t imagine where will it reach if celebs stop working for it to avoid their disgrace and for which class will this show run ?
    I’m 63 in America and a big fan of this show ever since it launched but very disappointed the direction it’s taking .

  20. Bigg Boss is promoting illogical, demeaning behaviour by protecting OM. Meaning so far they have kept OM away from nominations. Most people despise this creature. Yes, he gives me headache too. I want to relax with my family watching the show, it’s not happening. “Time to stop watching”.

  21. bigg boss ur show is priety good but few disgusting people ruin ur show image very badly specially ur favourite om and cheap manipulate mannu he is bigg D.

  22. I àm not watching big boss just watching highlights online coz of om’s rude stupid n proving behaviour n bigboss which wil effect my family.

  23. Yeh manu kanjer ko bhir nikalo haram zada hy poraa

  24. Manu is totally fake and dont deserve to be the winner, manveer was doing better earlier but now he is totally influenced by manu. These 2 think they are going right and that they have won the hearts of all after salman praised them last week. But from what we see, feel that these 2 are going wrong now. Hate these 2M.

  25. ROHAN ke sath galat kiya

  26. Its totally unfair for Rohan
    Swami om have to evicted from bb house

  27. We are not satisfied with BB decision on Rohan, on that time Rohan was totally right

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